Why does everyone else seem happier? Stop comparing. It’s not reality.

Illusions. That’s what we see online. I think we all need that reminder sometimes. Much of what’s posted (on social media especially) is the highlight reel. It’s easy to find ourselves making comparisons, scrolling through the endless feed. Exciting life updates. Perfectly-positioned selfies. Sun-drenched vacation photos. The fact, though, is it’s a highly-curated selection. Not […]

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Your smartphone is making you lonely and stealing precious moments

Lonely person with a smartphone while others enjoy social time

For perhaps the first time since living in France, today I was completely disconnected. After 6 months of travel, thousands of memories, and generally clumsy ownership, my phone decided it’d had enough. This happened to take place just as I arrived in a new place where it turns out library guests don’t have access to […]

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Lighter with every step: recognizing pain & moving forward

A vie of Lac des Corbeaux (Crow Lake) with hiking shoes in the foreground.

The past few days I started feeling a sharp pain in my foot when I put pressure on it at a certain angle. Nothing unbearable, but wince-worthy nonetheless. There was nothing physically obvious, so I figured perhaps it was a pulled muscle protesting my new workout regime — I already had a few other muscles […]

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Changed; changing

Sunrise over the ocean

Changed. Irrevocably changed, we are, after leaving our comfort zone and stretching our boundaries like the elastic of a balloon, thinning and expanding as it fills with swirling, dancing air. We contain all the same material as when we left, but the rearrangement of our personal design will have created something almost unrecognizable. Others can’t see it, […]

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