Noticing the details in life’s quiet corners ::: A lesson in mindfulness

Book fanned out into a work of art, with corners folded into a geometrical ridging pattern

Walking into the library, I paused and smiled as an art display caught my eye. Someone had taken the simplest of materials and turned it into something magnificent. Paper had become prize, telling a story in its new and unexpected form. Carefully-cut pages of a book clung airily to the creme-colored fabric of a mannequin, wrapping her […]

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How did I get to live in a fairytale castle for free? Simple steps

Chateau de Cadres (Villeneuve, France) at sunset

Travel writer life is pretty awesome If I shared even half of the things that have happened during my brief experience as a travel writer, you might not believe them. The coincidences and the opportunities which have crossed my path sound like something out of a novel, but truly, they’re the result of a very […]

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Why it matters to live a beautiful life: change your world from the inside out

Two travellers reading in front of a lake and mountains in Switzerland

I believe in living a beautiful life. Before you go thinking it’s selfish or unimportant, realize that with beauty, our souls are completed, and when we ourselves are made whole in that way, so, too, can our surroundings, by our own doing. As we realize our own needs and even desires, we find an existence that […]

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