Sunrise over the ocean

Changed; changing


Irrevocably changed, we are, after leaving our comfort zone and stretching our boundaries like the elastic of a balloon, thinning and expanding as it fills with swirling, dancing air.

We contain all the same material as when we left, but the rearrangement of our personal design will have created something almost unrecognizable.

Others can’t see it, this remarkable change. Not really. They might notice glimmers and glimpses, but only the voyager herself can appreciate it in all its wild wonder.

Sunrise over the ocean

Coming back to the place that stayed so reliably similar is both comforting and maddening. Not for our own sake, because we’ve seen what lies beyond, and we’ve already internalized pieces of the world that brighten our eyes and raise our frequency. But the old space of comfort is a trap for those who stay. They may never experience this exciting and challenging adventure of being changed. And perhaps we never will again either. Perhaps we’ll never move again to explore new corners, but the change remains a part of us and we remain part of the change regardless.

We can’t force anyone to do it, but we can certainly share our own change, and in doing so, inspire it in everything else we touch.

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