Falling into place: A reminder that the universe has your back

Breathe. Smile. Let things fall into place.

That’s what I’m reminding myself this morning as I open my computer to a full set of browser tabs about visas and studying abroad and every possibility under the sun that might help me get myself back to Europe in the next few months.

I’ve been known to do this before – to throw every atom of my being into something.

Passion and drive can both create and deplete.

There are always parts that might not yet be ready to fit into place yet. With this state of single-minded focus, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.

So last night, after flipping my brain into relax mode via some Christmas wine and champagne, I laughed at my overthinking self as I watched the solution float lazily to the surface of my mind. I’d been reaching so strenuously that I’d forgotten about the possibilities that were right at eye level. Of course there can be great benefit in reaching higher, but not when it consumes us and drains us.

We sometimes get so absorbed that we don’t notice the pain caused by our straining.

We’re pushing ourselves toward something agonizingly far away – something that won’t truly make us happier than the solutions just ahead. We’re forcing instead of allowing.

After I first booked my trip to Europe, I remember doing oodles of research. That research did come in handy here and there, but there was nothing more valuable than tuning into the experience around me and learning through living.

Nothing could have prepared me for the wonderful and terrifying and beautiful world that I was going to explore. Living it was the only way.

Sound irresponsible? Flying by the seat of my pants? Perhaps. Perhaps it’s asking for trouble, but to be honest, it’s been an incredibly opportune approach for me. I wouldn’t trade those random opportunities for all the safety and security in the world. I hear a calling — to live, and not to spend time wishing or hoping or waiting for everything to be ready.

The truth is that our lives will never pause long enough for us to feel truly ready.

Sometimes we have to take a leap right in the midst of the chaos and the uncertainty.

I’m reminding myself of that now, and if you’re reading this, I’m reminding you too.


Boundless goodness,


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