Hearing our own voice in a loud world

There’s a remarkable kind of peace in learning to hear and honor our own voice.

Silhouette of people on a mountain looking at a panoramic view of the world below.

Nature never fails to wash away the loudness of the world so I can hear my own voice.

Allowing the world to clamor on around us, but still honoring our own needs. Letting the sounds and stares around us float on by without clinging or assigning importance to them. Following the words within us so that the roughness and anger and cacophony of the world around us so that it can all keep spinning without throwing us into the centrifuge.


The world may not be able to tune down long enough to hear us sometimes, but even when we’re drowning in a sea of claims and shouts and demands, we still know our hearts. Our souls.

We can make our dreams and goals and inspirations a reality simply by listening to ourselves.

Not with flash and exuberance, but with a glow. Emitting a soft light and heat that compels rather than drags its spectators.

Sometimes the most valuable thing we can do in the world is be ourselves and bloom to brighten the world around us.

We have plenty of spectacle in our world.

Enough fast and loud and sparkle. Millions of people and organizations and media pulling us and yelling their messages, telling us how to live and act and spend our time. We could spend all our lives trying to follow those claims toward happiness, but we’ll never reach it unless we learn to listen to our voice.

What we truly need is not more noise and claims, but more examples and spaces for self-discovery.

More opportunities for us to see and experience for ourselves instead of being told what’s right. More proof of how lovely life can be.

We need more authenticity; more of honoring our own voices.

When we learn to reflect and understand ourselves, we can choose our own best path.

Nobody hears things in the same way, after all.

We each have our own song to sing, and when we find our voices, we can inspire even more beautiful melodies around us.

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