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Writing our stories: a reunion and a reminder of where the magic started

“Funny how you were the one who was most homesick during our internship across the country, and now 7 years later you’re the one moving across the ocean.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I heard this from a former roommate as we got together to celebrate our past and our futures. Among the 6 of us who lived, laughed, worked, cried, and grew together, we’re all taking unique paths, but thanks to frequent life updates and occasional reunions, we’re all fortunate to remain part of each others’ lives.

These days our communication comes strictly via text and occasional photos, but when we come together, it’s as if we’re the same bright-eyed girls who spent entire days wandering the Disney parks and planning sleepovers in the living room of our little Orlando apartment.

These girls were there for one of the first steps in my transformation from a timid, insecure girl to a confident, ambitious young women. Indeed, I did show up to our internship feeling completely overwhelmed and homesick.

Over time I fell in love with the experience, and that led me to making bigger steps in the following months and years. Eventually those increasingly bigger steps led me to a trip abroad and the decision to move to France, but before parting, it has been surreal to reconnect with the people who were there from the beginning of my becoming this person.

All of us are a bit in awe of how much our lives have changed and how much has passed since we first moved in together. How much we’ve learned. Who we’ve become. Where we’re going.

Our continued closeness is a powerful reminder, though.

Even with such diversity of experience and dreams and paths, our human connection overcomes it all.

The closer I get to moving away, the more I can smile at the place from which I came. All of these experiences that challenged me and helped me grow, they’ve brought me to this place of complete confidence. Of following my heart and writing the story I want to live.

Seven years ago, in what seems like another life, I started a journey with the girls with whom I was reunited this weekend. We became a part of the magic at a company based on dreams and stories, and now we’re creating our own. Wherever they lead, we’ll always have that first chapter together.

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